By Cosmas Uzodinma

The driveways of Owerri, the Imo State capital under the immediate past government fast acquired a poor outlook with their hastily constructed and rusty metal crossbows perched upon side pillars many of which were already yielding to the gusty winds of the rainy season. This travesty in urban development, never before seen in sane climes, indeed, became clear and present dangers to both motorists and pedestrians alike.

Imagine a picture of road users driving or walking under a rickety and untrusted roof. Many indeed have been caught by several falling beams of iron, leaving trails of injuries and blood with them.

Indeed, every right thinking Imolite, therefore, must commend the current Governor for acting fast to restore the beauty of Owerri which was abused and defaced by the former government. As with the decrepit metal crossbows, the Akachi monument must go also while the statue of Zuma at the Heroes’ Square should be replaced with that of Nelson Mandela

Remember that in 2008 Owerri won the cleanest capital competition but no sooner Rochas took over than the city lost its lustre and what remain today are but the vestiges of its days of glory and a blooming skyline that is mainly the result of private efforts of developers.

Neither Christianity nor even the pagan deities of Amadioha nor Ala – the god of the land, could be identified with the four-finger symbol. If anyone therefore, had a deal with any secret society, let such a person find a way to appease them in his own private property, but not with our state institutions and space.

It is on record that under him the local governments and countryside went into such a tailspin of neglect and decay ever witnessed since the creation of the state.

It is also painful to note that in the heart of Owerri you find two major flyovers constructed by him which have already become unusable because they quiver like malaria patients even when a bicycle rides on them. This would always stand out as the greatest waste of state resources ever witnessed in recent history. No less an institution raised the alarm on the substandard structures than the Nigerian Society of Engineers and this was done long before Ihedioha came into office.

All my FB friends read me when I did a piece condemning the withholding of Rochas certificate of return. I believe that as senior citizens we should reprimand what is wrong and uphold what is just and fair. Imo State belongs to us all and every well-meaning son and daughter of the State must support the present government and pray for them to get it right this time around. There is so much we can achieve if it does not matter the party that takes the glory. There can be different parties but there would always be one Imo State.

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