Trump at the bedside of the wounded of the Dayton shooting, greeted by protesters

Donald Trump was visiting injured people on Wednesday’s weekend shootout in Dayton, Ohio, before flying to another tragedy, El Paso, Texas, where his coming is so skeptical. , even hostility.

Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrive in Dayton, Ohio

The president arrived in the late morning with his wife Melania in Dayton, a town in the northern United States where a gunman killed nine people in the night from Saturday to Sunday, and immediately went to a hospital where are treated some the victims.

Hundreds of protesters were gathered near the school with the balloon “Baby Trump”, an inflatable character depicting an angry baby boy with the effigy of the president, used in many events around the world.

They waved signs urging the Republican billionaire to “oppose the NRA,” the powerful gun lobby that blocks any attempt to regulate the gun market, and to ban assault rifles.

Before leaving the White House, Trump however assured that there was “little appetite” in Washington to ban this type of weapons, involved in several blood baths, including that of Dayton.

He did, however, support legislation to prevent people with mental health problems from owning a firearm.

The real estate tycoon also reiterated that the recent killings had “nothing to do with him” and that those who accused him of stirring up racial hatred in the United States were seeking “to make a political profit” from their criticism.

– “Toxic” –

Since two young shooters have, within 13 hours of each other, 31 victims, his score is difficult to play.

Demonstration on August 7, 2019 on the sidelines of Donald Trump’s visit to Dayton, Oho City mourning a shootout this weekend

The leader is expected to calm tensions and comfort a nation traumatized by these terrible tragedies.

But the conservative billionaire, who was elected by treating Mexicans as “rapists” and regularly evokes an “invasion” of the United States by Central American migrants, is singled out.

Especially because the term “invasion”, used by the extreme right around the world, was taken by the young author of the slaughter of El Paso in a manifesto put online before his passage to the act, fatal to 22 people including at least seven Mexican nationals.

The language of the president is “toxic” and fanned “the flames of white supremacy”, was still denouncing Wednesday afternoon the favorite of the Democratic primary Joe Biden in a speech whose extracts have already been made public.

– “Disgusted” –

After his visit to Dayton, Donald Trump must fly to El Paso, where he could also be heckled by critics.

At the call of Border Network for Human Rights, Rachel Curtis planned to wave a hostile sign to the president near the border with Mexico.

“I am disgusted,” says AFP this mother of 40 years. “The most intolerant man in the country is the last person we need to comfort us, he has nothing to do in El Paso after one of his family killed 22 innocent people there.”

El Paso Republican Mayor Dee Margo hinted he did not really have a choice. Welcoming the president “is his (her) function,” he said.

President Kellyanne Conway’s advisor said that he was going to both cities to “convey the condolences of a nation that was bruised and outraged”, “thank first aid for their heroism” and “meet the victims”.

El Paso still mourns his deaths on August 6, 2019, on the eve of President Donald Trump’s visit

“He does what the presidents do” in case of tragedy: “go on the field,” she added, assuring that he kept “a low profile” to allow the country to “heal its wounds”.

In Pittsburgh last October, a few days after the worst anti-Semitic attack in recent US history in a synagogue (11 dead), more than 1,500 people of all ages and denominations had called on the president to give up his diatribes incendiaries during an unprecedented event in such a tragic context.

“Trump’s lies kill”; “The words count” had notably chanted the demonstrators.


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