A popular quote says that some people were born great, some achieve greatness while some have greatness bestowed on them. Dr Godwin Maduka was born to be great and he achieved greatness because greatness was bestowed on him from birth. This explains why he was able to break records in far away America where he went to study. Today, he is a very successful celebrity in America where he established six ultra modern hospitals in Las Vegas, United states of America.

These hospitals are all under the umbrella of the  Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center in Nevada United states of America.  The establishment of these hospitals and their recognition world over made Dr Maduka the most successful black Medical Doctor in the United states of America. Let it be mentioned here that Maduka’s hospitals in America  has over a thousand five hundred staff covering all continents of the world, a rare feat that made his Las Vegas group to be refered to in America as a mini  United Nations. It is based on his giant achievements in America that Africans in America came together to recognize him as the ‘LION OF AFRICA”, a title that has never been bestowed on anyone else before.

Having established himself in America as Africa’s number one pain Doctor, Maduka started thinking about home and changing the narratives of his people of Umuchukwu in Orumba south local government Area of Anambra state and also Anambra state in general. He started by building houses for some indigent people in his community and also started constructing solid tarred roads and bridges for his people. Today, it is on record that Dr. Maduka has completed and delivered over 100 blocks of flat to some less privileged in Umuchukwu.

Beyond this, he also built a 4 floor hospital which he donated to the catholic church in his community, a Police station, a Civil Defence office, a Magistrate court, High court and Judges Quarters in Umuchukwu. It will be worthy to note that Dr Maduka built, equipped and handed over all these to the relevant authorities. 

Outside these, he built and equipped a Catholic church, Anglican church, civic center and even schools  in addition to building an ultra modern 17 floor hospital and medical research center in Umuchukwu. This highly intimidating building which is worth over 20 billion Naira is the tallest hospital in Africa till date. Let us also mention that Maduka also extended his benevolence to neighboring communities in Abia where he helped build some churches in addition to building bridges that links his community which is a boader town with its neighbors like Ogbunka and others. There are many other things which he has put on ground for his people and Anambra state in general.

For instance, Maduka has sponsored the education of thousands of youths across Anambra state. It will be worthy to mention that most of these students are in the best universities abroad under his scholarship. It is based on this unrivaled achievements and contributions to the development of his community and Anambra state in general that the entire traditional rulers in Orumba south jointly conferred on him the title of Okosisi Orumba. This is apart from another title of Ijele Ndigbo which was also bestowed on him by another community. Having seen the level of poor governance in Anambra, Maduka started nursing the interest to liberate his people from bad governance. As expected, his ambition was applauded by the people of the state who are so pleased with his legacies. As a matter of fact, the people of Anambra are praying and expecting their son Godwin Maduka who they are so proud of.

At the moment, the followership he commands is intimidating as the people stand with him. To them, no other single individual has been able to do half of what Godwin Maduka has been able to do for his people.

The mere fact that he achieved all these without government funds or vote but with personal funds have earned him the love and respect of the people of Anambra state. Another personal attribute of Dr Maduka that has endeared him to the people is his simplicity, kindness, philanthropy, candour, accessibility, hardwork plus his deep love and respect for God. These are his selling point. To the people, he is the most qualified person to govern the state as he has shown capacity and proof that he will transform Anambra state like he did in Umuchukwu. Presently, his legacies in Umuchukwu are known as the Umuchukwu wonders. On the other hand, what the state needs presently is a viable relationship with developed countries of the word and this Maduka can attract as he has vast and active contacts across the globe. As an individual, Dr Maduka has always said that he wants to replicate his Umuchukwu wonders in Anambra state as Governor. To him, the Umuchukwu wonders is just a test run or prototype  of what he can do in Anambra as Governor. He has said it and he emphasises on it In all sincerely, Maduka’s patriotism and love for his state is not in doubt. As a matter of fact, Maduka built all his establishments in Anambra apart from his hospitals in America because he sleeps, eats, talks and dreams Anambra.

Finally, Dr Maduka is a gift to Anambra state and the people expect nothing short of witnessing his swearing in as governor of Anambra state, THE LIGHT OF THE NATION.

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