A Nigerian Woman , Mrs Edel-Quinn Agbaegbu , founder of Every Woman
Hope Centre, EWHC, a popular NGO that specialises in advocacy for food
security and biodiversity sustainably received special commendaon last week
by the Canada based Convenon on Biological Diversity, CBD, an arm of the
United Naons Environment Program, UNEP, for her role in the agency’s
Voluntary Peer Review, VPR, of the revision and implementaon of the
Naonal Biodiversity Strategy Acon Plan 2015-2025 (NBSAP11) of the
Republic of Uganda.

Mrs Agbaegbu, from Imo State, who served as Nigeria’s Country Representave
at the peer review program was among the team that received commendaon
in a statement tled “Noficaon: Voluntary Peer Review (VPR)-Uganda’’ dated
May 26, 2021 and signed by Elizabeth Maruma, Execuve Secretary of CBD.
While announcing the official release of the Uganda Review Report on CBD’s
website, the CBD Execuve Secretary acknowledging the work of the group she
described as “dedicated review team’’ and idenfied the members as ‘’ Mr.
Eduardo Queblan (Team Leader) from the Philippines, Ms. Edel-Quinn Ijeoma
Agbaegbu from Nigeria, Ms. Lalaina Randrianasolo from Madagascar and Dr.
Jonathan Mufandaedza from Zimbabwe.’’
The CBD Execuve Secretary also explained that ‘’the final report of the
voluntary peer review (VPR) of the revision and implementaon of the Naonal
Biodiversity Strategy and Acon Plan 2015-2025 of Uganda has been published
as an informaon document for the third meeng of the subsidiary Body on
implementaon, (SBI).’’
She added that further informaon on the VPR mechanism, ’adopted at the
th meeng of the Conference of the Pares in decision 14/29 as an element
of the muldimensional review approach under the convenon is available on
the Convenon’s website at: hps://www.cbd.int/nbsap.vpr.’’
Reacng to the commendaon of her efforts in the Uganda review assignment,
Agbaegbu said she is appreciave of what she did as a member of an
internaonal team of experts that visited Uganda in 2018 to carry out the
assessment work.
She explained in a press statement she issued in Abuja, at the weekend that
greater appreciaon should go to the government of Nigeria which found her
eminently qualified and capable of represenng the country, by virtue of
endorsement of her nominaon by the immediate past Minister of
Agbaegbu stated that she now feels challenged to do more for Nigeria and will
soon produce a report on her experience for inward submission to the federal
government of Nigeria, with a recommendaon that Nigeria should be the
second country, aer Uganda, that will invite the CBD Secretariat to come and
review the country.
A graduate of Micro-biology from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Mrs
Agbaegbu has been hing media headlines of recent.
Under her leadership as Execuve Director, EWHC has been playing key roles as
a strong NGO, in promong issues of environment, food security and
biodiversity at naonal and internaonal levels. One of the commitments made
the NGO in Africa was in relaon to what became popularly known as ‘’the
Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt; to Kunming, China, Acon Agenda for Nature and
People’’, geared towards reversing biodiversity loss and promong posive
gains to 2030 and for the transformave changes needed to achieve the 2050
Vision of Living in Harmony with Nature.
Indeed, EWHC made the first biosafety commitment on the Acon Agenda. It
involved promong the implementaon of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
to the Convenon on Biological Diversity, to ensure safe handling, transfer and
use of living modified organisms to help in raising awareness on the urgent
need to halt the loss of biodiversity and restore healthy ecosystems.
The commitment is part of the posive acons for the Acon Agenda, to set
the stage for an ambious global biodiversity framework, to be adopted in
Kunming, China, in 2021. It is available at:
In furtherance to the commitment, EWHC became the first and only global
biosafety commitment out of 156, as at December, 16, 2020. This indeed is
historic and a pride to Nigeria and Africa.

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