The intrigues and plots that eliminated Dr. Godwin Maduka, a very powerful contestant in the just conducted Anambra State PDP primary election have been revealed.
From all indications, Dr. Maduka, a united states based medical doctor billionaire was a menace to the party stake holders who were not comfortable with his non recognition of godfathers posture. This was obviously a danger signal to the stake holders who then adopted several plots to stop him.
A leaked conversation between some of the stake holders reveal that they swore to stop Maduka immediately or lose the party structure to him going by his capacity, rising populating and acceptance across the state.
To achieve this, they moved from the original plan to use the 3 man adhoc delegate committee to vote at the primary election to the statutory delegate and finally the super delegates which was a master stroke as the list was released on Friday night, a day to the primary election.
Even at that, another super delegate list was released in the election hall on Saturday morning and was eventually used to vote. This list as alleged had anti Maduka names on it and also names of deceased party leaders like a former state chairman of the party who was buried few months ago and also non party member like Hon, Mrs. Nikki Ugochukwu who represented the Orumba South state constituency in the state’s immediate house of assembly under the APGA
Outside these, the number of the super delegate kept fluctuating from 197, to 220 and then 285 in what many allege to be a ploy to create a confusing atmosphere to make Maduka unsure of the list to work with.
Some individuals who spoke to our reporters after the election are of the view that the PDP has shot itself on the leg as it will regret its action going by Maduka capacity and acceptance across the state.
They however appealed to Dr. Maduka to join another political party and pursue his ambition from there adding that Dr. Maduka was the best candidate for PDP going by his pedigree, achievements, capacity and general acceptance by the people of the state emphasizing that the maltreatment meted out to him will tear the party apart and also weaken its strength as a lot of strong party members are willing to move with him to any other political party he may be decide to pitch his
tent with,

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