After last Saturday’s PDP primaries in Anambra state, one of the top contestants in the election, Dr Godwin Maduka has finally broke his silence.
Speaking to our reporters at his campaign office in Awka on Sunday, Dr. Maduka said that PDP has messed themselves up.
Maduka said he was surprised that the Anambra PDP could sacrifice their success at the general election coming up in November by edging him out to satisfy the selfish interests of the so called party leaders in the state who he allege have not been comfortable with his interest to govern the state.
He added that all the pre primary election policies adopted by the party like moving from the 3 men adhoc delegates to the statutory delegates and then the super delegates were all ploys to disenfranchise delegates that support him from participating in the election adding that the party is a betrayal.
Maduka however said he will not relent in his efforts to govern the state as he will fight the battle to finish.
Investigations by this newspaper reveal that Maduka was deliberately
manipulated out of the process as a serious gang up against him was noticed.

For instance, the super delegate list released about Thursday last week which had about 197 names on it was later altered with another list that had about 220 names on Friday evening and then another that had about 285 names which only appeared in the voting hall on Saturday morning.
This according to analysts was geared towards creating a confusing atmosphere that will make Maduka uncertain of the list to deal with. On the other hand, it was noticed that the final list that appeared in the election hall was made up of strange names and even names of deceased party leaders in the state like a former state chairman of the party who was buried some months ago.
It was also revealed that non members of the party like Hon Mrs Nikki
Ugochukwu, who represented Orumba South State Constituency in the state’s immediate past house of assembly under the APGA platform also made the list of super delegates
A close supporter of Maduka who spoke to our reporters said that the outcome of the primary election did not come as a shock to Maduka and his supporters who saw the desperation of the party stakeholders to elbow him out adding that the party has made a very big mistake it will regret by November judging from the capacity and fighting spirit of Dr Maduka.
Already, this newspaper gathered that PDP has commenced moves to pacify and retain Dr. Maduka’s support to the party with a visit to Dr Maduka by former governor Peter Obi and the eventual winner of the primary election, Val Ozigbo early Sunday morning
However, suspicions are rife that Dr Maduka may continue to pursue his ambition from another political party owing to encouragements, from across the state as the people of the state genuinely clamour for him

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