Profile & Achievements of Members Of the 9th Imo State House of Assembly

     (A Verbatim Newsmagazine Print & Online Special      Documentation Project, 2022— )

Hon. Chief  Eddy Obinna


By Ugonna Anejionu

Chief Eddy Iheukwumere Obinna (Ochoudo ) is the honourable member of the 9th  Imo state House of assembly ,representing Aboh Mbaise. His achievements since he massively received mandate of his people to represent them at the house is noteworthy. Many of his supporters believe that he won the record breaking status of first ,  Deputy Chief Whip and now Chief Whip , on account of his activism and level of articulation in the house. Many also believe that he has performed more than his predecessors from Aboh Mbaise, hence he is today, a major power broker in the entire Mbaise.

His achievements are many. And he is believed to have succeeded in doing much on account of his unique strategies and way of life. First, he deployed the principle of open door policy and accessibility as he is always available to welcome his constituents happily to both his office and private residence at all times.

A friend of all, Hon Obinna is a crowd puller who respects the youths of his area to a fault. He has been severally spotted seated comfortably and humbly with them which is an unusual show of love, regards and appreciation for their support for him as a person. In return,  the youths of the area adore him and long for the next opportunity to have him in their midst to enjoy his jokes, domestic talks, encouragement and to also tap into his very vast wisdom which he does not in his usual manner hesitate to share with his youthful constituents.  As a matter of fact, Hon Obinna has helped to reform a lot of derailing youths by this very simple strategy and has put them back on the path of success and growth. This he does in all the nook and cranny of the LGA.

As a matter of fact, he told this magazine that he believes that the best empowerment is by redirecting the minds of the youths to the path of success and to also awaken in them the passion and benefits of success. This he said will prepare their minds and instill in them the zeal to succeed which means that every other form of empowerment given to them will be wisely and most judiciously utilized to achieve success.  According to him, “you don’t just give motorcycles, cars, shops, and even cash to an unprepared person in the name of empowerment because he will mismanage the opportunity since he didn’t have the consciousness and passion for success in him. The implication is that he was kind of rushed and he may not find his feet to run into success. Prepare his mind by interaction and encouragement and release the bounty and he will fly higher than no one ever imagined”.

Again, he does not discriminate. Both the rich and poor, the ugly and beautiful, men and women, the old and the young all have access to him.  It is on record that no one that ever interacts with him goes home disappointed.  Such person must either learn or receive a bit of his benevolence and large heart.

It is known that Hon Obinna always finds time to attend virtually  every function in his constituency ranging from burials, weddings, child dedications, and others including community  meetings. This alone has endeared him to almost everyone in his constituency who see him as the man of the people and man of the moment. Ochoudo  is always on ground and in charge.

This has helped him to most quietly and meticulously dismantle and collapse a number of political structures and camps in the area for the state governor, His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma and their party, the All Progressives Congress, APC. As a matter of fact, most of these camps before now have never wavered in their support for other opposition parties and political stakeholders in the area. No one believed they could be collapsed but Hon Obinna most diligently achieved that.

When the former PDP government in the state was dismantled by the Supreme Court in 2020, Hon Obinna,  in a show of smartness,  immediately moved from the PDP on which platform he was elected to the APC that took over the state leadership. This brought him a lot of condemnation but fortunately his constituents are now benefiting from this sole decision to migrate. Presently, he is a major stakeholder in the state assembly and occupies strategic positions with accruable benefits and opportunities trickling down on his constituents and constituency.  According to him, “it is not about political platform because the party is like a vehicle that will drive you to your destination. It will be foolish to remain in a broken down vehicle and wait for it to be fixed. The best option is to alight and board the next vehicle unless the person does not have a destination or the means to board another vehicle”.

Today, the tongues that waged have twisted to praise God for the Solomonic wisdom he gave to Hon Obinna. Last year, Hon Obinna reportedly spent over 150 million Naira to empower his constituents during his end of the year constituency briefing. As a matter of fact, cars, tricycles, motorcycles, sewing machines, hair dressing equipment, wrappers, cash and others were given to his constituents while some of them had their shop rents renewed. In all sincerity, he was the toast of the area after the outing as the people said they have never had that good.

Presently, Hon Obinna is a movement and rallying point in the area and from all indices, it will be very difficult for anyone to scuttle or alter his relevance and strength in the area. Many of his supporters see him today, as their new messiah.

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