As Nigerians prepare to go to the polls on February 25, 2023 to elect members of the 10th National Assembly and a new President who would supervise the affairs of the country for the next four years, a Labour Party governorship aspirant in Imo State, Sir Basil Udochukwu Maduka has said that a new Nigeria is possible after the presidential election.

Speaking to newsmen while reviewing the upcoming election for the office of president, Sir Maduka, a knight of the Anglican Communion noted that he expects the outcome of the 2023 election to be a departure from what used to happen in the past, where incompetent and poorly prepared persons are elected to occupy the office of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria based on tribal, religious and other premordial sentiments.

The debonair governorship aspirant believes that with events of the recent past, Nigerians have seen the light and are now ready to elect their new president based on character, capacity, competence, ability and track record, stressing that the new president must be a man who does not carry any political garbage or corruption infested profile.

Sir Maduka, an international integrated oil and gas services icon noted that Nigerians have learnt from the their past experience when incompetent leaders were foised on the people, not based national interest but on tribal, religious and selfish sentiments.

Such leaders ended up dividing the country on religious and tribal lines, thereby bringing more hardship to the suffering masses

The Labour Party chieftain opined the Nigeria now needs a new President that would unite the country and not one that would divide the country further. “We do not need a president who would loot the country dry and turn the commonwealth of the people into his private estate.

Nigeria needs a new President that will act as a servant leader and see every Nigerian as his constituent and every part of the country as his constituency. A leader that would bring about the rebirth of a country enmessed in the dangerous and unparalleled incompetent leadership and instability that has become the lot of Nigeria, stressing that out of the 15: presidential candidates, only Mr Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, that could bring Nigeria out of the woods.

Hear, Sir Maduka; “Nigeria as a country today is heading towards anarchy and disaster. It is like a rudderless ship heading to nowhere in particular.Nigeria is like a time bomb which no one knows when it would explode.
“But there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Nigeria needs someone with Peter Obi’s kind of mindset, character, competence and capacity to arrest the down turn”, he said.

“In the recent past, we have witnessed leadership in this country that only left a legacy of ruts everywhere, instability, disunity, bitterness and hopelessness.
We have witnessed a situation where we are almost lost in utter despair, distrust and desolation. Nigeria has also become a wilderness of frustration and lawlessness. Our dear country is feeling in the throes of death and those who contributed to it’s present near comatose state are still struggling to take charge. God forbid.
“Nigeria needs a reawakening which only Peter Obi among the list of presidential candidates can bring about. And this is possible.

” We need a president who can recreate and redirect the country on moral, social and economic lines. We need a president who will bring hope back to the disgruntled and disillusioned citizenry who have since lost hope in their country.
Nigeria needs a unifier who can build bridges across the length and breath of the country. We need a true Nigerian to recover our country. This is also very possible.

Prompting well meaning Nigerians to join in the struggle to reset Nigeria, the governorship hopeful admonished all eligible voters to take the advantage of the window made available by INEC to go and collect their PVCs to be part of the history for a new Nigeria.
Sir Maduka who has promised to turn Imo State into an industrial hub and silicon valley of Nigeria if elected governor in November 2023 urged the Nigerian youths to use this opportunity to take back their country from bargage-carrying politicians whose plans are to subject the youths to perpetual slavery and vote for the Labour Party candidate..

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